FindAGrave is a great site and can be helpful in finding burial locations and tombstone images. Just remember that what’s on the memorial page may be more than what is actually on the stone. When adding information from FindAGrave to your genealogical database don’t include as a stone “transcription” what you are not certain is on the stone. You can indicate you found it on the Memorial Page on FindAGrave, but don’t indicate the stone says things that it does not.

The Memorial Pages for two of my great-grandmothers includes birth information that is not on the stone. That’s fine, but  I should use the image of the stone for my transcription so that I don’t indicate in my records that stone says something it does not.




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  1. FindAGrave also includes people who are not dead. In the case of a double stone for husband and wife, the living partner’s name is also listed in the database. The death date for the living may be recorded as “unknown.”

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