If your widowed ancestor was appointed the administrator of her deceased husband’s estate, who were her bondsmen? They could have been her sons, other relatives, or someone else who knew she could be trusted to handle the affairs appropriately. If you’ve never thought about those names on the bond, do so. There could be a relative hiding in that bond.
I’ve just finished up More on the Probate Materials on Ancestry.com (order here). I really enjoyed giving my first presentation on the probate materials on Ancestry.com and learned a lot doing it.  Now that I’ve had time to get into the materials more deeply and have had questions from attendees, viewers, and blog readers, we continued our discussion and discovery with “US Probate Materials on Ancestry.com Part II.” Part 2 will cover: Searching the unindexed probate materials at Ancestry.com–remember that the index on Ancestry.com only scratches the surface of what is on the site Navigating the several search boxes and inventory interfaces Making certain you have gotten all the probate references for your person of interest that are on Ancestry.com Determining what additional may be on microfilm at FamilySearchand onsite at the courthouse Comparing Ancestry.com‘s coverage with that on FamilySearch. Ancestry.com  does […]
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