Don’t assume that dead people can’t be listed in city directories. Widowed women are often listed in directories along with their deceased husband’s name. And don’t forget that widows were not always widows either–sometimes they were actually divorced. That’s not the case with Julia VanHoorebeke–she was an actual widow. dead-in-directories



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  1. Sometimes city directories will also list a date of death that occurred in the months preceding the publication of the city directories.

    • I cannot seem to find a website that will lead me to NYC directories. Before computers, I went to the Archives in NYC, but I don’t live there any more. Is there a way i can access them? I’d appreciate help.

  2. michaeljohn – do you know if people called themselves widows if divorced in late 1700’s/early 1800’s in new england? thanks! judy

    • Possibly. Divorce was less common at that point in time, but using that reference would not have been unheard of.

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