I host several blogs–all have separate email lists and need to be subscribe to separately (there’s more about me here303575_2204477245773_1519872279_n). Each has a subscription link on the top portion of each page. The blogs are:

  • Genealogy Tip of the Day-one tip every day, rain or shine.
  • Search Tip of the Day–one tip as they come across my path. We post periodic FamilySearch updates here as well.
  • Rootdig–where I blog about my research, research methods,  and whatever else crosses my path.
  • Daily Genealogy Transcriber–one piece of handwriting everyday–with answers posted. Try your hand at guessing the writing.

If you get one one of the lists and can’t get off, forward the message to me at mjnrootdig@gmail.com. Thanks!

And please let others know about our blogs!



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