If you are going to a courthouse to research, determine what their policy is regarding the use of digital cameras and cell phones to take pictures of records before you arrive.no-phones

Some facilities will not allow you to use these items to take pictures of records in their custody–instead preferring you to have copies made at a per-page fee. Consider asking (nicely) if you can pay the same fee to take pictures of the items instead of making paper copies. Suggest that it’s easier on the records, uses less paper, etc. and that you are willing to have the staff watch as you take pictures.

These are things to find out before you arrive at the facility if at all possible.




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  1. As a volunteer at my state archives, I see many disappointed people who have not familiarized themselves with the policies there. No matter where you are going to do research, the policies vary from place to place and from time to time within the same place. And, one should always be polite with the staff who have to enforce the policies. It pays to call ahead!

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