We’ve picked up quite a few fans/followers of this blog, so I thought I’d briefly post a little bit about Genealogy Tip of the Day.

Genealogy Tip of the Day is written by Michael John Neill. Our goal is to provide at least one short research tip every day. The tips are not meant to be long or overly academic. We’ll leave that to my other blog, Rootdig. Research tips are generated from my own research and range from things that are basic and elementary to ideas that are more advanced and complicated. I don’t reuse tips, but it’s difficult after writing these for five years to not discuss the same topic once in a while. Because I only use my own research, tips may not be applicable to all research areas and time periods. Those who want to know more about my own personal family tree can see my ahnenlist.

Our goal is to keep people thinking about their research and give them ideas to help them move forward.

We are sponsored by GenealogyBank, but they exercise no editorial control over anything we do or say. Genealogy Tip of the Day is totally free–although we do appreciate those who use our affiliate links to make purchases or purchase one of my webinars.

Thanks to everyone who participates in any way, shape, or form in Genealogy Tip of the Day. I appreciate everyone who has helped to make this site what it is.



Genealogy Tip of the Day is sponsored by GenealogyBank. In December, they are offering an annual subscription for a monthly rate equivalent to less than $5 a month!



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