The first full week of March is Spring Break here and we’ve decided to take advantage of the opportunity and roll out a series of webinar presentations. All attendance is done virtually–you just have to be at your computer. Those who cannot attend live will receive complimentary copies of the presentation. Handout included. Join us! Enrollment is limited. Registration deadline is 8:00 am central time on 5 March 2016. Illinois Research 9 March 2016—11:00 am central time Geared towards advanced beginners and intermediate researchers, this presentation focuses on local Illinois records and recordkeeping procedures, what makes Illinois different, and larger statewide facilities. Register for Illinois Research ($8)   Preserving Past You 9 March 2016—1:30 pm central time Have you considered what will happen to your genealogical material when […]
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Some last names that begin with an “H” can easily be spelled or written without the “H.” Hanson becomes Anson Hoffman becomes Auffman Holstein becomes Stein and so on Always remain open to the possibility that an initial letter could be dropped when written in a record or document.
Courthouse record copies of land deeds, wills, and similar documents can easily contain the occasional error. This is particularly true from items recorded in the days when these copies were handwritten by a clerk. Sometimes the error is of little consequence and sometimes it is. The record copy of this 1812 will from Harford County, Maryland, leaves out the last name of the man to whom the testator has sold some property. Record copies are usually considered to be the legal equivalent of the original document. That does not mean they are error-free. 
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