A look at my chart of ancestral places of birth makes it appear that my parents and grandparents lived in Iowa, at least for a short time. That’s not true.

Charts can sometimes be misleading.

The reason my parents were born in Iowa is because that’s where the nearest hospital was located when they were born. No one ever lived in Iowa. But that is where they were born and that is where their birth certificates are recorded.

When using or creating any chart, be aware that it can have limitations.



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  1. I was born in the hospital in Plymouth, MA but when I needed a copy of my birth certificate, I went to the Town Office in Duxbury, The hospital and Towns must have had an agreement or it was law. I haven’t researched that.:}

  2. I did a brief prototype of mine this morning. I was born in Kentucky because my Dad was stationed there. We have no family there. Kentucky stood out on my chart and looked out of place compared to the heavy influences of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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