Citing Photographs


It’s always advised to include identifying information on any digital image of a photograph. While such information can be included in metadata, the fact remains that images posted online get copied and pasted with no attention paid to metadata. It is also possible that some connie-ufkes-neill-herb-weddingdigital imaging programs strip metadata altogether.

It’s easy to add free-form commentary to any digital image of a photograph. Be certain to include:

  • Names of individual
  • Location
  • Date
  • Provenance
  • who has picture (you don’t have to list their address)
  • who made image and date (at least year)
  • how identification was made


If you don’t know how to add these images to your own digital images, it’s one of the two topics discussed in my recent webinar on “Citing Digital Images and Creating Colorful Pedigree Charts,” which can be downloaded immediately for only $5.50.