The download service I use for the webinars only allows me so much space and I’m at the limit. I need to decide which ones to keep selling, which ones to no longer offer, and–I need a change of pace for a while.

So…effective 11 May 2016, I’ll no longer be selling the recorded copies of old webinars as shown below (we’ll still have our scheduled ones in May and will have downloads for those who register and happen to miss those). But we will be stopping the sales for a while so that I can regroup and focus.problem-solving2

Now’s a great time to order. Our prices are low and orders over $50 can receive an additional discount by using coupon code 2016over50.

View the entire listing page-where you can also order.

Don’t wait!

Topics include:

  • Brick Wall Strategies
  • Female Ancestors
  • Using the Bureau of Land Management Website and the BLM Tract Books
  • Pre-1850 census family reconstruction
  • Getting More from
  • Citing Images
  • Determining Your Ancestor’s Migration Chain
  • Organizing Online Searches
  • Online Maryland Land Records
  • Genealogical Problem Solving
  • Charts, Charts, and More Charts
  • Preparing for a Trip to the Family History Library
  • Using Free Passenger Lists on FamilySearch
  • Using Free US Probate Records on FamilySearch
  • Determining If Your pre-1866 era Veteran Received a Military Benefit
  • Using Online City and Regional Directories
  • Where do I Go From Here?
  • What to Blog About?
  • Tightwad Genealogy
  • Courthouse Basics
  • Probate Records on I
  • Probate Records on–Part II
  • Using Free Online US Local Land Records at FamilySearch
  • Using Free War of 1812 Pensions at
  • Using Land Patents Online at Library of Virginia
  • Using Digital Newspapers at Library of Congress
  • Getting More from FamilySearch
  • Using the ELCA Records at
  • Getting More from Newspapers
  • Effective Census Strategies for
  • Using
  • Using WorldCat

View the entire listing page-where you can also order.



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