Some rural cemeteries, especially very small ones that are no longer used, may require crossing private property to access. If this is necessary, obtain permission from the landowner before attempting to access the cemetery. Cemeteries that are along a roadside or have public access are a different story, but there also may be restrictions about “visiting hours,” decorations that are allowed, etc.


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  1. Laws regarding access to “landlocked” cemeteries vary from state to state. Here in Maine descendants of those who established the cemetery not only have access, they own it.

  2. Technically, it’s the same with Alabama about access. Of course, it’s always good etiquette to contact the land owner and verify access. Be sure to leave gates EXACTLY as you find it — if it’s open, leave it open; if it’s closed, close it behind you.

  3. How do you find out who owns the land that the cemetery is on, if you don’t know the area? Is there a place in the courthouse that maybe can tell you? Or possible website to look the area up?

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