If your relative is selling a fractional interest in a piece of real estate, ask yourself: “How did my relative obtain partial ownership in this property?”

The usual answer is that there was some type of inheritance. While it is possible there are other reasons, in the majority of cases fractional ownership results from an inheritance.

Property tax records and land records may help you determine who the previous owner was. They may also help you determine who the other fractional owners of the property are besides your ancestor.




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  1. This makes me smile. If my relative is selling/sold a fractional interest, then the person who purchases it owns and may later sell a factional interest in a piece of real estate. And so forth. Therefore the next genealogist goes digging for info on how her ancestor obtained this fractional interest and finds my relative and so forth. But no matter, the result will most likely be an awesome story!

  2. I inherited some small acreage in a farm through marriage. Now that same acreage is in a trust in my several kids’ names. At least they all know about it.

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