A high school classmate and I were baptized on the same day. I happened to mention it and shared with her a copy of the church bulletin that mentioned our baptism. She didn’t have it.

Remember that others besides your family may have copies of materials related to your family history. County genealogy groups, both in the real world and online can be one way to with these people.

But your family aren’t the only people who may have personal papers that could help your research.





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  1. One widely under-utilized resource type is merchants’ and other business accounts books. Sometimes pertinent entries are copied into estate accounting papers.

    For one of my relatives, the sole estate entry was a charge for a pair of shoes on the previous Christmas Eve.

  2. I thought of that this week. My sister needed a picture of her husband who just passed away. I’m one of the picture takers in the family. I had just what she was looking 4, a front view with his hat off so she could see his eyes. Also we just received a photo album from stepfamily of my husbands whose wife just passed away same week as brother in law. In this photo album is a picture of our daughter about 6 months to a year old. She looks just like her daughter. I was so surprised.

  3. As you may have guessed, my mother was a continual story teller. And when I returned to my hometown
    I ran into a woman I “knew of” for years. She never missed a chance to sit down and chat with me…and always included stories about my long gone family members that she could remember…sometimes from her childhood where the stories were about relatives that I had never really known except from stories. It is amazing who can help you get the details no one told you…or that you never listened to when they were telling it.

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