Newspapers can also contain pictures of your relative–if you are lucky.

This picture of Heye Albers was in an 1898 issue of The Rocky Mountain News. Fortunately it was an ink sketch which comes across better than photographs which were more common somewhat later. Fortunately his name was in the text of the article as at the time this picture was located the OCR did not “read” the name under his portrait.


Date: Sunday, June 26, 1898

Paper: Denver Rocky Mountain News (Denver, CO)




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  1. Engagement photos, Wedding photos, and “prize winning” photos are three areas where (at least the bride) is likely to be seen. Graduations, honors for doing an essay, sports activities, military news (nearly every WW soldier was honored on a page of photos…for both wars.

    Two unusual places where I’ve seen relatives are 1) a photo of downtown to see how fine it looked and how many cars had brought shoppers …including my aunt and uncle who are shown as the couple returning to their car. They were not identified by name. But there is not question that it is them.

    At one of the big “carnival on Main Street” pictures was printed. My brother immediately recognized our uncle standing there. Encouraged I looked harder…and found my brother, father, and mother, half way down the street. I had to enlarge the picture some but there is no doubt that it is our family waiting for the big parade to come along. If the photo is of a public event that family was in the right time and place to attend, it is well worth looking.

  2. Article from 1918 with photos, in Jersey City (NJ) newspaper, mentioning two WWl casualties, one was my great great uncle who was killed in France.

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