The 1890 census is essentially destroyed. Only fragments remain. img_20161116_090855

As a genealogy exercise, pretend you are the census enumerator for your family and “take their census.” It may just get you thinking about some things you’ve never thought before when you fill in each and every blank for those who probably were living in your ancestral household in 1890.

There’s a blank modernized 1890 US schedule here.

While census enumerators didn’t ask for sources, it might be good to try and locate them when compiling your ancestral census record.

Our tongue-in-cheek  “Complete 1890 Census Released!” can be found on our Rootdig blog.



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  1. So glad you are back to your primitive pictures ;D And thanks for the lesson in clickbait and the 1890 census. I didn’t fall for it, though I did click just now out of curiosity more than belief.

    • The pictures are fun, but sometimes more challenging than others. I was hoping you wouldn’t fall for the 1890 census clickbait 😉

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