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This presentation on the Family History Library is one of our more popular topics.

There’s more to going to the Family History Library in Salt Lake than simply arriving at the Library with a vague set of goals. For the past ten years I have lead a group of researchers to the library every May. In this webinar, we will see ways to plan for your time at the library to make the most of your time there. For many researchers, a trip to the Family History Library is a significant expense.

The following items are discussed:

  • Use of the card catalog
  • What you should do the moment you walk in the library
  • Creating a search strategy that emphasizes what’s at the library instead of what may be available elsewhere
  • Determining when research may be best done elsewhere on a certain family or location
  • Creating effective research lists to make better use of your research time, track what you do while at the library, and create citations upon return home
  • Organizing tasks while at the library to take advantage of the structure of the library
  • Utilizing fee-based databases at the library unique to your personal research
  • Onsite organizational strategies
  • Tracking paper and digital copies
  • What to do on your research when the library is closed (for those who just can’t put their research away)

This has already been given and is available for immediate purchase and download.

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