Most of us wish our ancestors had left behind more stories, but few of us have letters, diaries, or other personal records of daily events in our ancestors’ lives. Don’t forget to record your own stories as well as working to document the lives of those who came before you. Those who come after you will be glad you did. The stories do not need to be profound or life-changing. Sometimes mundane events can be just as interesting–like this one I wrote on a china set my daughter obtained for a wedding present.



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  1. I have written a few and keep thunking of others. My great grandmother wrote out a lot of her stories. She talked about her mother collecting rags to make a rug for their earthen floor. She said her father told everyone he had to sleep in his clothes to keep his wife from turning them into her rug! I love knowing he had a sense of humor. Yhanks for the reminder.

  2. I have a file folder I keep handy and I drop current bits and pieces in there. Birthday party invitations, wedding invitations, funeral programs, annual Christmas/Holiday letters, graduation announcements, birth announcements… stuff like that. I’ll drop in school pictures and any newspaper articles that have any relevance will be clipped and added. I always write the year on the back of any cards, and I’ll write out the full name and any relationships that will be helpful in the future.
    Right now it looks like old mail that should have been tossed, but in 40 or 50 years it will matter to some future researcher.

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