When dating pictures, look to see if anyone in the photograph is wearing a ring on their “wedding finger.” This could be a clue as to when the photograph was taken. Unless the ring is very clear and easy to compare to the “known wedding ring,” be careful using the presence of a ring on the “right” finger as 100% proof of marriage and photograph date.

Like most things, it is a clue.



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  1. It might be worthwhile to do some research on different cultures to learn which finger the wedding ring is worn on. It is normal in the United States to wear it on the left hand on the finger next to the pinkie but in Europe, at least in Germany, it is or was normally worn on the right hand, same finger. I don’t know more details than that. Good research project however, for someone who is interested.

  2. Ann A. is correct. Many European countries and especially those of Eastern Europe (e.g. Albania) customarily use the wedding ring on the third finger of the right hand. In fact, when they become/became a widow/widower the ring was moved to the left hand third finger. Just to confuse genealogists – chuckle!

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