If you have a chronology for an ancestor and, during their adult lifetime, you have five year gaps where you are not certain where the ancestor lived or what they were doing, try and locate a record to provide that information. Answering those questions may help you determine more about where the ancestor was from and what her origins were.

  • Did they head west?
  • Were they in an institution?
  • Did they have a financial setback?
  • Did they have a “short-term” marriage that did not last?

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  1. I have a person who I cannot find between 1921 & 1936. He was in El Paso, TX in 1921 with his father & siblings & in Boise ID in 1936 where he met and lived with a woman & had changed his name. He lived with this woman until his death (they married in 1954). His siblings visited him after he changed his name. He used his families names & birth dates on documents but changed the last name.
    He & all his siblings have passed away & I have received all the information I can get out of them & their children.
    He may have been married during that time but I don’t have a name for her. No one seems to know why he waited so long to marry his 2nd wife.
    Any suggestions of where to look for info. I have checked census’ & city directories for possible locations.

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