Always make certain you have the right person as best you can.

My great-aunt was Lillie Trautvetter, born 1908/1909 to George Trautvetter.

There was another Lillie Trautvetter, born 1908/1909 to another George Trautvetter.

They lived for a time in adjacent townships in Hancock County, Illinois.

The Georges were first cousins. When searching quickly I almost confused the two in records where they were children as quite a few of their details were the same.



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  1. I have found even less-common names shared by relatives. Also a lot of my relatives use only their middle names, to the point that no one but close family know their real names.

  2. So if a DNA test were done,would there be a possible difference in the DNA to verify who was the person closer related to u or would there be another way yo find out?

  3. Wouldn’t it be nice to travel back in time and ask our relatives What Were You Thinking????? when they all named their children the same names??

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