About Genealogy Tip of the Day:

  • We’ve been writing Genealogy Tip of the Day for ten years! Longer than we ever thought we would.
  • Genealogy Tip of the Day is written by Michael John Neill. Michael’s researched his own genealogy since the early 1980s and has traveled extensively doing research, giving lectures, and leading group research trips.
  • Our tips are meant to be short, informal, and not overly academic.
  • Our tips are meant to also (in some cases) be reminders of things you knew. It’s hard to write something every day that’s new for everyone.
  • We want readers to think about what they research, how they research, and how they interpret and analyze what they find
  • Our tips are based on actual research–so they reflect my interests and what I’m working on.
  • Genealogy Tip of the Day has no corporate sponsor–read our disclaimers.
  • Genealogy Tip of the Day is free to subscribe to and participate in. We do appreciate those readers who have been able to support us by purchasing genealogy webinars, DNA webinars, or Casefile CluesBut we are grateful for all those who read, comment, and interact with Genealogy Tip of the Day-both here or on our Facebook fan page, or Facebook group.
  • If you’re not getting our tips via email–they can be subscribed to at no charge.



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