When searching courthouse land records, documents may not necessarily be indexed under a person’s name. This 19th century deed in Illinois was from the heirs of Alpha Forsyth. As a result, it was indexed in the “H” section because, after all, “heirs” does begin with an “h.” If you are looking for a deed drawn up by the family after the surviving parent dies, it might be worth your time to search not just for all their heirs individually under their own names (although deeds are usually indexed under the name of the first one listed), but also under the word “heir.” Genealogy Tip of the Day book is here. Learn more about it.
When I was small I could not pronounce my mother’s maiden name. As a result for years, I referred to her parents as “Granddad and Grandma Up.” We referred to them as that long after I was able to pronounce “Ufkes” correctly. Yesterday, when mentioning my grandparents, I referred to them with that last name. I had not done that in years. Shortly after I did it, I realized that it’s one of those little things that is not written anywhere in my research notes on my grandparents. It’s a trivial little thing, but one which makes me remember my grandparents fondly during that time when I was small. What do you not have written down that only exists in your memory? What nicknames or diminutives do you […]
It’s available! Genealogy can be confusing and sometimes what the family historian needs is something short and to-the-point that can help them get their research back on track. That’s the intent of “Genealogy Tip of the Day.” Long-time genealogist Michael John Neill uses his thirty years of research experience to remind readers of things they had forgotten, make them aware of things they did not know, and encourage them to increase their research and analytical skills. This is not a typical how-to book that has a chapter for each content topic. Topics are spread throughout the book. Tips are based on actual research, actual families, and actual problems. Each day’s tip is meant to be a relatively short read, is engaging, accurate, and occasionally funny. Tip of the […]
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