The James Tinsley Pot

There were two men with this name who were grandsons of an Edward Tinsley who died in Amherst County, Virginia, in the 1780s. Sifting them out was difficult and there are some records where I am not certain which James to which they are referring. I’ve put every record that appears to be for one of them in a list with columns for how his name is entered, date of the item, location of the item etc. Then I indicate which James I think the reference is to and why.

Some of them I still don’t have sorted out. I may not ever be able to determine exactly to which specific James each record each is referring. But I do have a list of every reference to a James that I have found and, for those I can figure out, how I have determined to which James the record was referring. The James in question have different fathers, so in my personal records I have used the name of their father to help identify them.

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