These were held in July–order immediate downloads. Strategies for Crossing the Pond Already held–see below to order. Details: This session will discuss a variety of methods for tracing the “across the pond” origins of immigrant ancestors. It’s not just a list of sources, but focuses on process and procedures. Concepts also apply to tracing the origins of migrating ancestors who crossed the United States as well. All registrants receive a PDF copy of the session handout. Order “Strategies for Crossing the Pond” for immediate download–$9. Brick Wall Potpourri Already held–see below to order. Details: This presentation is a variety of “tips and tricks” for breaking brick walls that focusing on thinking “outside the box,” analyzing your process, getting past mind blocks, etc. It is not aimed at any […]
If your military veteran ancestor (or their spouse) received a pension, was there someone who helped them obtain it? There were attorneys who specialized in military pensions–particularly for Civil War veterans. Those attorneys may have had no connection directly with your ancestor as they advertised and made veterans aware of their services in a variety of ways. It wasn’t just out-of-town lawyers who helped people get pensions. A local attorney may have helped your ancestor get their pension a Justice of the Peace may have been involved, or even (as in the case of my aunt) the cashier at the small-town bank.
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