The dog is not going to turn on the water hose by himself. His paw simply is not made to do it.

If you are stuck on a genealogical problem, there may be tools you need that you do not have. It could be a language issue, the ability to read the handwriting or foreign-language script, or an unfamiliarity with legal terminology.

It may be that you are not accessing all the records that were created or that you are accessing only the ones that are easily available online.

Is the problem that you don’t understand the records you have located? The dog probably doesn’t understand how to turn the water on.

You may need to ask someone for help–which is what the dog is probably going to have to do in this case. You’ll also need to be able to communicate your question clearly to someone who may be able to help you–that may be a problem for the dog as well.

And never assume anything and always check your assumptions. Charlie always has access to water and doesn’t need to drink it from the hose. He’s probably just looking at a small bug on the box above the water spigot.



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