Chances are you have at least one ancestor that you wish had left some sort of written record behind. Most genealogists would be happy with just a page or two about an ancestor’s life–a complete five-volume autobiography is not necessary.

Have you left such information behind for the family members who may come after you? Write about your early life, your work years, your raising children years, political beliefs, etc.



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  1. Yes I have. I have written several books on my ancestors including Notes and Documents of Free Persons of Color, Pieces of the Quilt the Mosaic of an African American Family, Black Minqua the Life and Times of Henry Green and Along the Rappahannock Homeland of the Nansatico Indian Nation! My books are witten from the History I researched and documented over a 30 year period. The books are about my ancestors who were Native European and African and the places and situations I found them in. One of my direct ancestors was an Indentured Servant to William Monroe Senior another was an Indentured Servant to George Washington’s family. There were more then a few of my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War out of Virginia and also in the Civil War. All of my books are available through

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