Outside Where they “Should” Be?

Family tradition and initial research indicated a relative lived in one township after his immigration to the United States in the 1850s until his death in the 1910s. Every decennial census showed him living in the same township from 1860 through 1910.

Digging a little deeper it turned out he spent approximately 10 years in the county to the north–where he owned property, a few children were baptized, and where he would have been found in the 1890 census if it were extant. After he and his wife spent his time there, they moved back to where they originally settled.

This ten or so year excursion would have been more difficult to determine if the family had not owned real property and had not had their children baptized in the local church. I need to see if they ever really sold the real estate they had in the original location. They may have rented it to generate some income.