Chances are you do not need a “quick” copy of a vital record for your genealogical research. These services tend to charge fees that are significantly higher than those charged by the repository that actually holds the records. The record image may already be on FamilySearch. Search the records indexes and card catalog entries to determine if they have images of the original records. Save your money. Usually the only reason for needing a copy “really fast,” is for a legal reason–often for the settlement of an estate or insurance purposes. You may want the copy fast for your research, but you likely don’t need it that fast. And you’ll save money.
Census takers or family members may have estimated how old certain members of the household were, especially older members whose memory may not have been the best. Ages that end in a “5” or a “0” may be approximate ages. Emphasis on the “may be.” If I find a person whose ages are relatively consistent except for that one when they are listed as 80, I tend to take that one with a grain of salt as possibly being an estimate.
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