There are no “boring” ancestors. Everyone has a story to tell and one person’s “boring” is someone else’s “not-so-boring.” For those who leave behind fewer records and stories that on the surface seem more mundane, have you learned about:
  • the times in which they lived?
  • what likely employment they had?
  • the tools or their job or household (estate inventories are great for this)?
  • what life was like for someone in their situation?
  • what historical events actually impacted their life?
  • etc.?
The answers to those questions may not reveal a great Greek tragedy, but the result can be the development of more insight into your ancestor’s life.  It may also increase the chance that you actually learn more specific details about your ancestor’s existence. Not every relative lived a life full of drama. There’s something to be said for that. Sometimes that’s the more difficult life to lead. And it’s often the more difficult life to research.



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