Baby Pictures

Photos of babies can be some of the most difficult images to identify. Parents with multiple children can sometimes have difficulty telling which picture is which child. When decades have passed and the child in the photograph is likely deceased, identification can be more difficult. In some individuals facial features change from infancy to adulthood and someone who only knew the person as a grownup may have no idea what that person looked like as an infant.

Ways to help identify such photographs include:

  • Retaining any organizational structure of pictures. If the photographs are grouped, take group pictures of the photographs as a way of preserving the organizational structure.
  • Organizational structure includes: albums, envelopes, boxes, etc. Albums are not the only way photographs can be organized.
  • Any organizational method can contain the occasional photograph from a completely different, unrelated family.
  • Look for any clues in the picture that could suggest a time frame or a location.
  • Do not crop any of the photograph.
  • Compare to known infant photographs of the same era.