I traced the family from Kentucky into Indiana where they split up went to Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. Because there were quite a few relatives of the father that were involved in this migration, I assumed that I had the whole migration cohort.

I was wrong.

It turns out there were members of the wife’s family in the cohort as well. They were not immediately noticed because I had not focused on the wife’s siblings. The additional migrating cohorts tended to be married sisters whose new last names I did not have.

It was years ago when I made the discovery. I realized that I needed to view migration cohorts as “infinite hotels” (for those familiar with the reference). While the analogy isn’t accurate, it does not have to be. It’s just to remind me that there could always be one more individual or family in the migration cohort.

Is there an additional extended family member in your migration cohort of which you are not aware?



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