The Back Has More Clues than Just a Name

This is one of two photographs I have of my maternal grandmother when she was a child. I suspect there are other pictures of her, but I have been unable to locate them. Grandma is identified on the reverse of the photo twice.

Once she is listed (in pencil and apparently printed) as “Doty” and once she is listed in script as “Dot Habben.” The script I recognize as my grandmother’s writing and the ink appears to not be contemporary with when the photograph was taken.

Based on the reverse of the photograph it appears that at one time it was in a photo album. The picture I had was loose in my grandmother’s effects. There was no album of pictures.

This begs the question: Were there other pictures in the album and, if so, what happened to them? That’s something I need to find out. Contacting relatives is in order.