Periodically I get emails from readers indicating “that didn’t work for me,” “that doesn’t work in England,” or “that doesn’t apply to my family.”

I understand that. Different locations are different. Different time periods are different. Different families are different. While there can be similarities from one location to another, one time period to another, and one family to another, details do matter. It’s hard for any suggestion to apply to ever situation.

Our suggestions are meant to get you thinking, to remind you of something, or to make you aware of something you did not already know. If it “doesn’t seem to apply to you,” ask yourself:

  • Is there something similar (a record or a legal process) for the time and place of my problem?
  • Is there something I may be overlooking?
  • Does this idea or approach not apply to my family at all and why does it not?
  • Have I reached out to others with similar problems to see if thy have suggestions that may be helpful?

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