A 1931 era photograph of my grandmother and her nephew has four separate sets of identification written on it.

Two are written on the front and two are written on the back. The photograph was apparently removed from a scrapbook which has removed part of the identification that was written on it. Three of the identifications name both individuals. One only names my grandmother and, interestingly enough, is written in her handwriting. Fortunately it’s not the only identification otherwise I might have wondered if “Dot” was the baby or the young child holding the baby.

The printed name in pencil on the reverse serves as a good reminder to avoid jumping to conclusions. After some reflection and some research, I concluded that it says “[probably Dot or Dorothy] + Dale Edward.” Dale Edward is one person–not two. It is the first and middle name of the baby in the picture.

And while I did roll my eyes when I saw my grandmother’s handwriting that only named her, I realized that had I not known who Dot and Dale were the “Dorothy Habben” identification would have been extremely helpful.

Sometimes four identifications are better than one. I just wish I knew what happened to all the other photos that were probably in the scrapbook from which this was taken.



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