There’s a picture of my Mom in a photo album that belonged to her grandmother. There is no writing on the picture. Several other pictures on the page have the year 1949 written on them in handwriting that appears to be that of my mother’s aunt.

My mother appears at the very least to be 10 years old in the picture and probably older.

Which evidence is stronger for when the picture was approximately taken?

Often in genealogical research we find information that conflicts. The key is to find all relevant information and sources that may provide information about something which we would like to know. Then we can evaluate all that evidence and decide which evidence should be given more credence.

In this case, the appearance of my mother would be given more credence than the years of the other photos on the same page. Not all evidence is created equally–some will be given more weight than others. But always state your conclusion and why you reached that conclusion. I personally like to include why I dismissed other evidence as being less reliable.

This picture of my mother appears to have been taken in the early 1950s based upon her age. While other photos on the same page in the album are marked “1949” my mother’s picture is not marked with that year suggesting that it wasn’t taken in 1949. The photo could easily have been placed with the 1949 photographs because there was room in the album.

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