Informal Provenance

Even if you don’t know all the details of an item, include what information you do know about an item along with whatever provenance you have.

Your information does not need to be written in formal academic prose. Your provenance does not need references to citations. What the information and provenance does need to be is recorded as completely as you have it.

For the button in the illustration: This election button was found in the collection of materials in the home of Keith and Connie (Ufkes) Neill of Carthage, Illinois, after Keith passed in 2020. The unnamed candidate was running for Hancock County Treasurer (memory of Michael John Neill). He was a relative of Keith through his grandmother, Fannie (Rampley) Neill (memory of Michael John Neill). The election likely was in the 1980s as I think I was still living at home when it took place (memory of Michael John Neill).

Not perfect, but better than nothing.

Rampley didn’t win the election.