Cull Your Digital Images and Photographs

There was a time when photographs were taken carefully and with planning. Film cost money. Development took time. Prints cost money. Pictures were not seen until they were printed.

Times are different today. Many of take picture after picture with digital cameras and phones. Even if you back up all those images to the cloud “for future generations,” will anyone want to go through all those pictures if there’s ten or more of every pose? Some of us may take twenty quick pictures hoping to get one good one…without ever erasing the ones that are not so good.

If someone after your demise has access to your digital images will they want to go through all of them? Why not erase the duplicates, the similar ones, and keep the best ones for permanent back up after your demise?

It’s bad enough going through all my vacation slides of my grandparents. I cannot imagine going through all the images if digital photography had been around.

Choose what is worth preserving and cull the rest.