This tip is from a post I made on our Genealogy Tip of the Day page on Facebook. Here’s a challenge. If you’re going to post a holiday greeting to Facebook (or anywhere on social media), consider using a photo of a personal ornament, decorative item, traditional food you cooked, etc. as the illustration for the post instead of stock images that some of us tire of seeing over and over. I finally took out all my old Christmas ornaments that my mother packed away and put them haphazardly on a card table. The box was falling apart, some ornaments that were highly organic had disintegrated and needed to be tossed. I had not seen them in years because of well…some of you know how these things go. […]
If you know that a relative was named for a specific person, do you include that knowledge in your genealogy notes on both those people? Just be certain that you are certain there was actually a name connection between the two individuals and that it was not a coincidence. My name is Michael John. I have a great-great-grandfather named John Michael. He is not where I got my name as my mother told me how both my names were chosen. I have those notes in my genealogical database. Avoid assuming. Someone later may be glad you recorded that information…and how you came to know it.
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