This tip is from a post I made on our Genealogy Tip of the Day page on Facebook.

Here’s a challenge. If you’re going to post a holiday greeting to Facebook (or anywhere on social media), consider using a photo of a personal ornament, decorative item, traditional food you cooked, etc. as the illustration for the post instead of stock images that some of us tire of seeing over and over.

I finally took out all my old Christmas ornaments that my mother packed away and put them haphazardly on a card table. The box was falling apart, some ornaments that were highly organic had disintegrated and needed to be tossed. I had not seen them in years because of well…some of you know how these things go. Got a new box and gently placed them in it. I may take better pictures tomorrow. But I’m glad I got them out and decided that pictures of them would make for great holiday posts or could be used in other creative ways…and then I have the pictures. So…greetings from the little blue boy I made in Sunday School and the Santa who is reaching up for something. But seriously…consider creating some customized holiday images from your own items. Digital images can be a great way to preserve at least an image of an item…even if that homemade playdough seal ornament you made in 3rd grade has decided to return to the Earth from which it came <grin>.



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