Quick Google searches do not answer every question. Artificial Intelligence does not answer every question either.

In June of 1936 my grandmother’s sister-in-law wrote her a letter and mentioned that grandma’s brother was “plowing corn.” I had a pretty good idea what it meant. Google searches and Artificial Intelligence prompts did not provide answers that came close. Grandma’s sister-in-law likely meant that her husband was tilling in between the recently sprouted rows of corn to turn up and kill weeds.

In my memory of growing up on a grain farm, this process was referred to as cultivating.

But this post isn’t about farm practices in the 1930s or the 1980s. It’s about realizing that Google searches and Artificial Intelligence prompts won’t answer every question. Reaching out to actual living humans who have knowledge of the time period, the location, and the specific occupation or cultural practices involved is necessary.



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