Entry made 10 May, but referenced items on the previous Saturday–8 May.

I have approximately fifteen years of calendars on which my Mother has written down various things that happened on most days. For 2003, I have a blank journal in which she made entries.

I’ve realized I will probably never scan these items. Instead, I’m taking pictures of them, saving the images, and creating a guidebook. That guidebook will give the probable full name of various people to whom she is referring, what I think some of the abbreviations mean, where various pieces of farm ground are that she references, and other things that I think might help someone later understand the references (eg. “PlumTree” in the illustration refers to a local restaurant). I don’t foresee having the time to completely transcribe them and pictures that get organized and saved are better than starting a project that does not get finished.

In some cases, I have pictures taken at the events she mentions and I will use the diary reference to augment the digital images I have made of the photographs.

I may be chastised for not scanning. Preserving with photographs is better than no images at all.



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