The tombstone said my relative died on the 4th of February in 1882 at the age of 82. A distant relative concluded that the relative was born on 4 February 1800.

That’s probably not what was meant when the tombstone gave her age. Likely the age, if it was even correct, was the age she turned at her most recent birthday. It’s possible she died on her birthday, but there’s an even better chance that she did not.

If the relative was truly 82 when she died on 4 February 1882, then she could have been born between:

  • 5 February 1799–if she would have turned 83 on 5 February 1882.
  • 4 February 1800–if she turned 82 on 4 February 1882.

That’s assuming her family knew her actual age. That’s assuming the stonecutter got the correct information. All of this is conditional on the legibility of the stone as well.



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