Do you have spare copies of a genealogy book? Do you know a library with a genealogy collection that would be interested in it? The Allen County Public Library’s Genealogy Collection did not have a copy of the 1982 Roots of the Family Fecht. I had two. My children are not going to want them. I now have one. The Genealogy Collection at the Allen County Public Library has the other. Don’t wait for your children to do these things. Cull your collection yourself.

Genealogical Publishing Company has announced the release of the new 4th edition of Evidence Explained. Check it out on their website.

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  1. I have no budget for buying genealogy books for my genealogy room. More than once, I have bought a book for myself and then donated it to the library (and processed it and got it on the shelf!) The only way I can get items is from people donating them when they are through, or sometimes in the case of an organization, like DAR, buying books in memory of a deceased member.

    • You aren’t alone in how you curate the collection from what I hear. The advantage is that if the collection does not circulate, at least the book will be there if you make a trip to the library to look at it 😉

  2. Have you tried speaking to local genealogy groups in your town or county and requesting donations of books members might no longer want and would be happy to donate to your library?
    In my small city, we are able to add a dollar donation to our water bill each month that is designated to fund the library collection. (Ths is not the sole funding for library acquisitions.) You might ask your Mayor or town council for permission.

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