The small picture nearly fell out of the book into which it was tucked.

The photo had apparently been clipped from a larger photograph and was likely used in a locket. Fortunately I know who is in the photograph although the back of it is totally blank.

I decided to take a picture of it using as the background the page of the book in which it was found. I should have identified the book, but I’m guessing that the placement of the picture in the prayer book was simply to prevent it from being lost.

My caption for the photograph indicated what I know about the picture and how identification was made.

Is there a picture somewhere still in existence with my grandmother’s image cut out of it? That’s a question I may never answer as I’m guessing the original photograph has long since been destroyed–either intentionally or on accident.

But do not neglect to identify what you can and include how you know what you know. Someone later will be glad you did.



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