Reminded a fellow genealogist recently of the importance of making certain they’ve completely researched the spouse of their “brick wall” ancestor as well as that spouse’s new spouse after the “brick wall” ancestor died.

The “brick wall” guy died in Virginia in 1830 leaving a young widow and two children. She married a few years later. It’s possible that there’s a clue to the first husband in one of the names on a document involving the widow (or her second husband) after the “brick wall” ancestor died.

But you have to research the widow (and her new husband) just as much as the “brick wall” guy. Something on them may lead you to him.



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  1. What if you can’t find any information on either. My great grandfather Frank Fremont Collins (born abt 1860 Philadelphia ) nor his wife Elizabeth Dolger. ( born about 1860 New York). Dolger is not a very common name.

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