I shared a picture of the cover of the upcoming second Genealogy Tip of the Day book and a cousin of mine commented on the picture I used to illustrate the front of it.

I already knew who was in the picture and where it was taken. But a cousin of mine told me a few things about the picture that I did not know–the situation under which it was taken and my great-grandmother’s reaction to it. It reminded me that even when a picture has been identified, there could still be work to be done. Others may have additional memories of the photograph or be able to tell you more about it besides who is in it. Those details may be genealogically relevant as well.

Personally it’s one of my favorite photographs–my grandfather Neill is on the far right. It’s not a studio portrait, but it was taken by a portrait photographer. The travelling photographer came to their home and took the picture right in the front yard which I think makes for a much better backdrop than a studio.

But seriously, if you are lucky enough to find out who is in a photograph, do not stop there. Other stories hidden in the image may be waiting for you.

Genealogy Tip of the Day book number two is in the final stages. You can add yourself to the mailing list for announcements about the book when it’s available–including a pre-publication order and price option!



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