5 thoughts on “Did Your War of 1812 Veteran Get Land?

  1. DH Deci

    Does this apply to veterans who received land through the Georgia land lottery system? If not, where can those land patents be found?
    Thank you,

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      I would start a search for information regarding the Georgia land lottery system with the Georgia State Archives.

  2. Kat

    My German immigrant ancestor received land in Louisiana from service in the Mexican War. I found in the parish records when he sold this land, but could not find when he purchased it. Years later, while doing a search by LAND DESCRIPTION in the BLM-GLO records his name came up. I have not found documentation of his service from military records yet.

  3. E. Toby Charles

    He could check entries of the Louisiana Purchase. I think they would be listed
    under National records until states were formed. The timeline is important.
    I believe that Germans started arriving in The 1820’s.


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