Do Not Rely On Your Memory

In doing some work on Catherine Belless, I came across an 1867 receipt in her husband’s probate case file from Fulton County, Illinois, where she made her mark. I was convinced she had actually signed documents in her Civil War widow’s pension file around the same time. I was certain of it.

I was wrong. What I remembered was that the handwriting was different–Catherine had still made her mark. Before you write from memory–check. Otherwise you may be propagating incorrect information yourself.


2 thoughts on “Do Not Rely On Your Memory

  1. Patty

    And u have to really, really read & study ur information. Leave even to walk around roomE come back & look at It again. I have found what I thought I read wasn’t even close to what I actually read later and have no clue as to where I came up with first thought of information.


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