DNA Will Not Solve Every Problem

DNA tests for genealogical research have been heavily marketed. There are times when they will solve problems–or at least help to solve a problem. But DNA needs to be used in concert with other forms of documentation that researchers have been using for years.

And DNA will not necessarily make your genealogical research easy. It will give you one more tool in your research toolbox.

But it is not the only tool.


One thought on “DNA Will Not Solve Every Problem

  1. Mary Ellsworth

    Wow so true, we did my grandson’s DNA as I started his genealogy. When the results came in I thought no way because he had Iberian and Arabian among the nationalities that I knew. I found them to be true as he has several lines of royalty from many countries such as Spain, Portugal, Turkey,Hungary, France, Scotland, England and a few more. These are all on his Father’s side, both maternal and paternal.


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