Was Great-Great-Grandma in the DAR?

If she was, her application papers could provide valuable research clues, even if you have no interest in joining the DAR. Older applications were approved with less stringent standards than today, but there may still be pieces of information contained in those applications that is unavailable elsewhere.

Search for your potential relatives at www.dar.org


3 thoughts on “Was Great-Great-Grandma in the DAR?

  1. Toni

    Oh, my goodness! Be VERY careful using those! I don’t even consider it after I found so many errors years ago.

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      One has to validate the lineage and other information carefully–just like one would any secondary source. Sometimes they can be a good way to find descendants.

  2. Michele

    Years ago sometimes documentation was returned to the applicant. While the information may be there on the line, supporting documentation might not be. Case in point is my great-grandfather aunt, Marjorie Robinson Riedel. I really need her documentation but it does not exist.

    Additionally, this information is not a source unless there is reliable documentation for it. It is best to use DAR lineages as a stepping stone or as helpful knowledge. You must use other documentation to verify and prove the facts in the lineage.


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